Our cusine

Traditional dishes

Taste the traditional Karst’s products

In addition to everyday meals, which you can still find in our menu, we wanted to focus on the Karst tradition by offering these tasty dishes.

If you have allergies or intolerance you can consult the ingredients in our dishes.


Speck (Italian smoked ham) with cheese croutons and horseradish

Typical Karst cheeses

Deer’s carpaccio

Deer’s carpaccio

Karst cheeses

Speck (italian smoked ham) with cheese croutons and horseradish

Main courses


(Typical soup with sauerkraut, potatoes and beans)

Žlikrofi (stuffed ravioli)

Bleki (fresh pasta cut into irregular shapes) with Terrano

Potatoes gnocchi  with game

Bread Gnocchi


Potato gnocchi with game

Žlikrofi (stuffed ravioli)

Second course

Karst herbs spiced fried chicken  and chifelleti ( half-moon shaped potatoes)

Game with polenta

Florentina steak

“Cappello del prete” meat

Grilled florentina steak

“Cappello del prete” meat


Prize winner of the “best dessert of the evening” in the dessert competition of Novigrad 2015

(Three layered dessert with pastry base, nuts, ricotta cheese, apples and poppy seeds)


(Boiled strudel stuffed with nuts and ricotta cheese, dressed with melt butter, bread crumbles and cinnamon)