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Karst DOC wines

Trieste’s Karst wines

The Karst is a rocky plateau extending between Friuli and Slovenia. The main features of this area are caves and valleys and “Bora” wind which blows powerfully. A land where viticulture is not easy but this rocky territory has produced  internationally well known wines .

Natural Wines

Karst vines are three and all originate natural wines: in this area the vines are not treated with chemicals, the fermentation is spontaneous and there is almost no trace of sulphites.

The vine for excellence is Terrano, which gives origin to a red wine that remembers a Refosco, but more harsh. Among white wines, we have to mention the Istrian Malvasia, slightly aromatic and dry, ideal to sip with a fish dish. The last one is Vitovska, a wine born from the crossing of Malvasia and Glera grapes, a slightly spicy wine of great fineness.

In our restaurant you can enjoy all these types of wines accompanied by our traditional dishes. We have a large collection of wines from Karst companies in addition to those of our production.

The three Karst quality wines are: Terrano, Malvasia and Vitovska.
Terrano is a red wine, which derive from the  Refosco’s vine. Its organoleptic characteristic is a strong acidity and tannicity. We recommend  you to combine it with Karst’s raw ham , various sausages, cheeses and game.
Malvasia is a firm, dry white wine with a softer flavor. We recommend you to combine it with fresh cheese, vegetables and white meats.
Vitovska is an autochthonous white wine with a dry, fresh acidity and sapid note. We can match it to all our typical dishes.
In our restaurant you can enjoy all these types of wines accompanied by our traditional dishes. Infact, our cellar offers a large collection of Karst’s wines as well as our homemade wines.